Old Age Is A Second Childhood – By Nehal Didolkar – VIII Mercury

At this stage in their lives, our grandparents are nothing less than children. With silver in their hair and gold in their heart, some enjoy telling us stories, some enjoy listening to ours. As we hope to lead independent lives we forget that there is someone we are still indebted to. To put it simply, if you have
grandparents, you must cherish them.

Nowadays we see that no one have time for old people. Everyone is busy with their own work. Some people think of them as burden. But in reality they are the most important persons in our life. They always guide us.

We, the children of today, believe in the existence of a generation gap. That is a very common reason for arguments and the fights at home. Moreover, when we confide in them and update them about the happenings in our lives, they feel younger and more in touch with this rapidly progressing world.

Today’s grandparents like to learn new things. Just like my grandmother. She loves to learn new things in her mobile phone. I always keep telling about the new and smart technologies. I taught her many new things in mobile like using communication apps like whatsapp ,facebook etc. She gets happy whenever she does a Video call to relatives. I also told her about a few online games to play when bored. Our grandparents are the closest link we have to the wisdom of the ancient.

I have been surrounded by my grandmother since I was born. She cares for me a lot .Now I am so used to her that if sometimes when I go out for few days I feel bad that she will not be there with me. She always waits impatiently for me to get back home from school. If I am ever late, she starts getting worried. I know deep down inside that no other individuals can give me the same happiness, contentment and pride. They have the experience and they have unconditional love to share. It’s not quite possible to say that they play one particular role in our lives– they are our mentors, our parents, and our friends. So let’s appreciate their presence and fulfill our responsibility to give them a joyous life for as long as we can.

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