Difficult Roads Often Leads To Beautiful Destinations – By Arya Rathod – VIII Earth

I totally agree with this proverb “Difficult roads often leads to beautiful destination.”
If we go through
difficult situations, we will gain success at the end. Difficult situations does not mean we should stop trying. We
should have courage to face the hurdles because if we passed we will live a happy life further.
I think the hurdles are sometimes the people close to us. Even if these hurdles stop you from gaining
your success, you should never stop trying. Sometimes we would fail but failing once does not mean you are a bif
failure in your life. Failing once will give you hope to eventually pursue on your dreams and passion. Some people
will gain their success easily and early but that doesn’t mean you would also gain your success early! We should
put all our efforts and no shortcuts. Shortcuts could lead you an early success but it will be of no use because it will
not teach you the important values of the life. I would like to highlight my point by giving my own example. When
it was my final term examination I caught up with corona virus. It was difficult for me to attend the examination in
7th. As I didn’t gave the exam I was unfortunately detained. I almost lost all courage and was sad but then I
remembered “Failing once doesn’t mean you are a big failure
” I tried even harder the very next year repeating and
I came flying colors.
This means we should never stop trying no matter what would stop you from pursuing your dreams
because “The best is yet to come”
Difficulties will always make you feel tired but when you reach to your
destination, there will be a gift waiting for you. You’ll gain a great happiness and satisfaction. This feeling will make
you feel winner and will release your tiredness which you got during the storm.

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