Progress of India – By Swarit Shah – Vlll C

            India have given outstanding contributions in the field of science. Firstly, India is no. 1 in the world to make remote-based satellites. In the past seven decades, India has built satellites and sent probes to the moon and Mars, established nuclear power stations, acquired nuclear capability, & demonstrated firepower in the form of the range of the missiles. Undoubtedly these are all fabulous achievements of Indian scientists and technologists. India has developed its information technology and communications that have saved thousands of lives by warning about natural disasters earlier. India was the first country to cross the gravitational border & go to Mars on its first try.

           Now, let me tell you some contributions of India related to Maths. India contributed zero to the whole world. India also contributed the number system to the world. Concepts of Negative numbers, arithmetic mean, algebra, & many more were given by India to the whole world. Many great mathematicians like Ramanujan, Aryabhatta, etc. were some Indians who contributed plenty to the world. Ramanujan discovered nearly 3,900 functions in his short life of only 32 years. The mock theta function invented by him is helping scientists a lot in the research of black holes.

         Now, will tell you some contributions of India related to others things. India is the no. 1 producer of wheat, milk & milk products. India supplied vaccinations to the whole world during the formidable time of corona. Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. It is the most suitable language for computer software & I am glad to say that it has been created in India. Ayurveda was foremost founded in India. India has contributed a lot to the world, which is next to endless. But this much is only for today. India has never attacked anyone first to any other country, but if somebody strikes India first, then it has never left anyone. So, I am delighted to say that, “I AM PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN.” 

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