Bad Company Ruins Good Moral – Samruddhi Lunavat – VIII Earth

‘Bad company is like rotten apple,it ruins all other apples.’

    Today’s generation is more towards friends and not parents.It is very important for one to understand calmly what parents are explaining,after all they are more experienced than us. What happens nowadays is if we make a mistake and parents try to help us out we do not listen to them but the same if told by friends will listen to them within a fraction of seconds.We must understand that how to make good friends.

  Friends are like pages of books,every day we get to know some good and bad experience with them.Not all friends are bad,but one must have a choice of choosing good friends.

     Based on my experience,once I had my final exam History paper and I got a call of my friend asking ‘How is my studies going?’ I said, ‘All good’  I asked her about her,she said, ‘Nothing, I have to attend party tonight, I would like you to join us,I am sure you will come’. I said , ‘it is not possible for me as we have our paper next day.’She forced me saying ‘You are a topper as it is, please come’ I said, ”I’ll see” and kept the phone. I asked my mom as expected she said ‘No’ as I had my paper.I forced her to send me to the party. At last she said do whatever you have to do. I did not listen her and I went to the party by getting influenced by my friend.

      After going to the party, I had totally forgotten about my paper. I usually have a habit of waking up early and revising,which I could not because I came home from party at 4:00 am. I was all tensed about paper.Till I got the paper I already regretted my decision of going for party. The result come, I was totally shocked as I got failed and the friend who invited to the party was the one who topped.She came and asked about the result I was totally ashamed of myself.I went home and asked my mom to forgive me and I got influenced by my friend I did not listen to my mom.

    ‘Making choice is yours and goals are yours so decision should be yours not of others’

From my experience, I understood that realising your mistake is good but never repeating it is excellent.So,I decided ‘Never get influenced by others.’

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